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Professional Laundromat Dryer Duct Cleaning Services

Laundromat works with the help of dryers. These are mechanical components that need maintenance and breakdown over time or due to lint accumulation. You need to clean the Laundromat dryer on a regular basis to improve its efficiency and prolong its life. It is quite tempting to perform the cleaning job yourself, but it is a much better option to take professional assistance. It is because cleaning of commercial Laundromat dryer is unlike cleaning the residential dryer.

Our professional chimney cleaning company provides specialist Laundromat dryer duct cleaning services. We are trained, licensed, and experienced to perform residential and commercial Laundromat dryer cleaning. Our specialist team is proficient in performing dryer cleaning job with state-of-the-art equipment. Through our dryer duct services, we enhance the performance, efficiency, and life of your Laundromat dryer.

Why Should You Keep Your Laundromat Dryer Ducts Clean?

If you are running a laundry business, it is crucial to keep your Laundromat dryer duct clean. According to the statistics, nearly 15,500 fires every year in the USA results from clogged dryer vents. This clogging also causes a significant rise in your energy bills and reduces the life of your Laundromat dryer duct. Regular cleaning of the dryer duct ensures that you have a clean and clear dryer duct. This enhances the performance of your Laundromat dryer while lowering your energy bills.

As an established cleaning company in the region, we understand that you cannot perform cleaning in your regular operational hours. We offer flexible Laundromat dryer duct cleaning services to accommodate your schedule according to your convenience.

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    Signs That Your Laundromat Dryer Duct Requires Cleaning

    • Accumulation and presence of lint on the walls behind dryers, inside and around Laundromat

    • When you operate the dryer, you are not able to open the flapper of the dryer exhaust vent. This leaves the clothes damp and wet for long period

    • The clothes are taking longer than usual to dry while consuming more electricity or gas

    Generally, Laundromat dryer manufacturing companies recommend cleaning of dryer vents once in a year. Our professional cleaning company performs thorough cleaning of your Laundromat dryer to ensure its optimal performance and energy efficiency. We offer the most competitive prices for high-quality services.


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    Chimney Professionals offer Air duct services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island

    Cleaning Services

    Take our expert air duct cleaning services for meticulous cleaning and maintenance of your commercial and residential Air Duct / Dryer vents, exhausts, and ducts.


    Filter Replacement

    We are experts in all kinds of filer replacements for residential and commercial clients. Our company provides regular filter inspection and replacement services.


    Vent Installation/Replacement

    Remove and prevent molds and condensation as well as other ventilation problems at your space with our expert vent installation/replacement services.


    Laundromat Dryer Duct Services

    Our trained and licensed professionals carry out expert and reliable Laundromat dryer duct services to ensure the laundry system’s peak performance and energy efficiency.


    Sanitization & Deodorization

    Make your living space and air ducts 99% germs, molds, odor, and bacteria-free with our professional and eco-friendly sanitization and deodorization services.


    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    We are dedicated to our customers satisfaction. We appreciate your business and serving the community as an honour

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