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Chimney Clog Removal

Kick Out Chimney Ash and Dirt to Protect Your Space

At our chimney cleaning company, we provide professional chimney clog removal services. Our chimney experts remove the dangerous byproducts of fire to clean your chimney safely and effectively. When your chimney is clogged, it is not able to perform its function correctly.

While initially, the convenience caused due to clogged chimney may appear minor, when left unaddressed, it leads to severe problems like toxic gases, carbon monoxide release, and fire. If you are suspecting clogging in your chimney, you should immediately contact our expert chimney clog removal service for a professional inspection and unclogging.

Why Chimney Blockage Occurs?

There are several reasons for chimney blockage. Usually, the culprit behind the chimney blockage is a critter, bird, or creosote. Birds or critter bring their nesting materials inside the flue of your chimney which block the release of smoke and other gases.

A massive creosote buildup that accumulates over time also fills the inside of the flue, leading to clogging. A large number of twigs, leaves, and different kinds of debris can also enter the chimney’s flue, causing a blockage.

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    Common Signs of Clogged Chimney

    It may be hard for you to diagnose a clogged chimney. However, there are some common warning signs which you can look for, such as the smell of smoke while you burn a fire in the fireplace, debris falling within the hearth, excessive soot, water streaks within the flue, and presence of white residue inside the walls of the flue.

    Take Our Professional Chimney Clog Removal Services

    You cannot leave the unclogging of your chimney to unprofessional hands as it can cause wastage of your time and money. When you contact us for chimney clog removal services, we have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to reach as well as remove all types of debris. Our trained and certified chimney cleaning professionals clean your chimney, quickly, safely, and efficiently. To prevent your chimney from clogging, we recommend regular cleaning from our specialists.


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    For any service request, be it Chimney inspection in Brooklyn, a sweeps lining in Manhattan, a chimney cap, wind turbine or liner installation in Queens, Our experienced and skilled team will provide you with high-quality job performance.

    Chimney Sweep

    Take our professional chimney sweep services to keep your chimneys well-maintained and free of soot and debris for a clean inside environment


    Chimney Cleaning

    Are there dirt, soot, and debris accumulating inside your chimney due to which it’s not serving its function properly? Take our regular chimney cleaning services.


    Chimney Inspection

    Are you switching your fireplace from wood to gas? Let our chimney inspection services perform detailed chimney inspection for the protection of your life and home.


    Chimney Clog Removal

    Chimneys may clog due to debris, loose mortar, bricks, animals and soot accumulation. Remove these life and property threatening elements with our reliable chimney clog removal services.


    Chimney Lining

    Give protection to your home from possible gas leaks, fires, or heat transfers with our expert and trusted chimney lining repair, replacement, and installation services.


    Chimney Cap Installation

    Prevent dirt and debris from entering your chimney to keep it clean for longer with our best, fast and reliable chimney cap installation services.


    Chimney Extension

    You don’t have to stop using your fireplace just because it’s too smoky — there’s an effective solution that will resolve this issue and allow you to continue enjoying your fireplace. A chimney extension will eliminate smoke downdrafting and keep unwanted contaminants from entering your home through the passage.

    To learn more about extending your chimney, contact us today.


    Fireplace Inspection & Cleaning

    Our fireplace service offers thorough inspections and cleanings to ensure your fireplace is safe and efficient. We also provide repair services for any structural and functional issues, alongside installations and upgrades to improve your fireplace’s functionality and appearance. This service is designed to maintain your fireplace’s optimal performance and safety.

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